Revello Clocks East Africa Ltd is a branch of Revello Clocks Turkey, which was formed in 1984 and has been making high quality clocks in Turkey and across Europe. For over 36 years it has been building on the slogan 'time is precious' and indeed every second, every minute, every hour of the last three and a half decades have been so precious.

Revello Clocks East Africa Ltd harnesses this wealth of experience and offers it in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Tanzania. Our goal is to offer high quality decorative clocks across East Africa blending them with the African culture, art, music, cuisine, religion, and general way of life. In addition, modern home interior design cannot be complete without a decorative clock.

For companies (corporate world) we offer customized clocks bearing their brands and logos to allow them to tell their story and sell their brands across the region.

Revello Clocks East Africa Ltd intends to transform the clocks concept from just being electrical devices of measuring time to decorative and artistic masterpieces that will tell the story of the African people and its continent but also the entire globe. Indeed 'time will be more precious in a decorative artistic clock'